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What is Legacy School?

Legacy School aims to fill a gap in Sudan’s schooling system by providing the best of both worlds: An English-language education towards taking the IGCSE exams at a level which can compete with international standards but which also teaches children good moral and cultural values by focusing on religion, discipline, creativity and strong Arabic language. We aim to improve the level of English language in Sudan and as we expand we will introduce competitions and clubs to challenge our students. As parents of young Sudanese ourselves we aim to provide a school which serves the best interests of the students and most importantly makes learning a process the children will enjoy. At Legacy you can be sure your child's education will be of the highest standard because, as parents as well as educators, we have the same priorities as you.

What will we teach?

At Legacy school we aim to produce a generation of well-rounded, analytical and independent thinkers who excel academically but also have a strong basis to succeed in their professional life on whatever path they choose to follow. We want to create a legacy of educational and moral values for the next generation of young Sudanese. We incorporate interactive teaching methods especially in our younger classes to bring the joy back into learning. Our older students will benefit from the wealth of experience we have on our advisory board and board of trustees (link) to help them academically, with extra-curricular activities and in choosing their future careers. Our graduates aim to be fluent in both English and Arabic and will sit the IGCSE exams. Classes we currently have: Nursery Class: For children who have turned three years of age (3) as of July 31 of the year of entry. Pre-reception: For children who have turned four years of age (4) as of July 31 of the year of entry. Reception: For children who have turned five years of age (5) as of July 31 of the year of entry. Year One: For children who have turned six years of age (6) as of July 31 of the year of entry. Year Two: For children who have turned seven years of age (7) as of July 31 of the year of entry. Year Three: For children who have turned eight years of age (8) as of July 31 of the year of entry. We open a new older class every year in sha’a Allah.


Where are we?

The school building is on al-Salaam Street in al-Ta’if. If you turn from Abdallah al-Tayyib Street onto al-Salaam Street, you keep going past the Committee for Strategic Planning and we are just past it on your right hand side on the corner of the street, obliquely opposite the African Youth Union. This building will keep us for a number of years but Legacy hopes to eventually build on land in Arkaweit.


Education as it should be

Legacy is a school designed by parents and experts. Its curricula and systems were developed after consultations with parents as well as teachers and administrators of schools in the United Kingdom and Sudan...

Proud to be Sudanese

At Legacy we provide an educational standard comparable to the UK while maintaining our national identity. We will teach our children about the country they live in so that they know they are Sudanese and can be proud.


At Legacy we invest in our teachers. All our teachers speak excellent English, the language of study at the school. Beyond that, our staff are trained every year...

Extra-curricular activities

At Legacy we strive for academic excellence. However, we also want our children to become well-rounded, capable individuals who can succeed outside of the school environment....