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Why us

Why choose us?

Extra-curricular activities

At Legacy we strive for academic excellence. However, we also want our children to become well-rounded, capable individuals who can succeed outside of the school environment. Studies show children who are physically active perform better academically. Sport is our main focus here. To encourage healthy habits young, children will play regular and competitive sport during the school day as well as after school. Sport encourages team spirit, strategic thinking, respect and enables children to think on behalf of a group not just as individuals. We will teach football, basketball, tennis, badminton and swimming. We also offer a horse-riding day and our older children will form sports teams to take part in inter-school competitions. Our Sports Day is a family day where we get to spend rare outdoor time with our children and help create the Legacy community that makes our school special. We ask that parents also encourage your children to get outside and be as active as possible.

Music and drama are an integral part of our teaching during the school day, incorporated into all our lessons including English, Arabic, Religion, History, Geography and even Mathematics for our younger pupils. We bring them together in our annual show day for parents. Each class takes at least two trips a year. Activities we currently offer are: tennis, gymnastics, football, music and photography. Our older pupils will run a school newsletter where they learn about journalism, practice writing and learn how to tell you about what they are doing at school themselves. We will also offer film, book and debate clubs. We will bring in expert guests to talk about current affairs and cultural topics to spark discussion and broaden the horizons of our students and help them choose a career path.

We hold a fun activity-based summer course for one month during the holidays. We often run a simultaneous catch-up class for transfer or potential transfer students during this course.

We are a community

We want Legacy to become a centre in the community where both parents and children can participate and have fun. We understand how frustrating it is to ask your child what they did at school that day and get no answer. So we provide regular feedback to parents on what their children are learning and how they are progressing. There are twice yearly parent-teacher days and pre-schoolers get weekly feedback to track their progress. Parents are invited to attend and participate in our sports day, show day as well as to join us on class trips. Parents volunteer to help the school and get involved in reading pull outs and other activities to further the partnership between home and school. We hold workshops every year for parents and offer advice for those struggling at home.

Legacy school teaching
we are comunity

Education as it should be

Legacy is a school designed by parents and experts. Its curricula and systems were developed after consultations with parents as well as teachers and administrators of schools in the United Kingdom and Sudan. We use innovative and interactive learning techniques emphasizing the importance of independent work from our earliest classes and will bring expert guests to speak who can provoke debate among our older pupils. Our aim is to attain a higher level of understanding and strategic thinking among our students. They will learn about the world at large but first know their own country and its history as part of their education to produce a future generation of Sudanese who will both make their nation proud and be proud of their country.

Legacy is not just an academic institution, we want you to create a positive environment at home, help your children to focus and live a healthier lifestyle. Educating your children is a partnership and we welcome parents who share our values and desire for their children to be the generation with the skills to improve the state of this country.

We hold workshops for parents to help you understand how our new teaching methods work to ensure you do not do something different at home. For Nursery classes, orientation days are held before the first day of school for children and parents. Children will meet their teachers, see their class and classmates and parents will attend a workshop with a senior staff member to understand what we are trying to achieve and how we can work together to do this.


At Legacy we invest in our teachers. All our teachers speak excellent English, the language of study at the school. Beyond that, our staff are trained every year by qualified and experienced teachers to use innovative techniques to improve their skills and encourage children to enjoy studying. We train our teachers before they begin working with us and hold training days throughout the year to ensure that we are constantly trying to improve the institution. We promote comprehension and analysis, not just memory-based learning and want to bring the joy back into learning using music, drama, games and art and crafts to teach our children. Our experienced advisory board including teachers and administrators from schools in the UK and academics from universities including Harvard, the L.S.E. and Cambridge provides vital support for us.