External Pre-School


As the school expanded, our Nursery classes began to fill up with the siblings of children already with us at the school. In response to requests from parents, Legacy opened an external pre-school in which your children can study Nursery, Pre-Reception and Reception classes with us and then move to another school in either Year One or Year Three. .

All children, including siblings, are registered in the external pre-school from Nursery class. We take four classes from Nursery until Reception.

Three classes then move onto Years One and Two and, finally, two classes of children are selected to move onto Year Three at the School.

These children complete their educational journey at Legacy School until the IGCSE exams.  

It is common for children to go to a different Pre-School, Primary School and Secondary School, and for those who are not able to continue with us, we aim to send your children to their next Primary School with a strong academic base in Arabic and English as well as a strong behavioural and moral compass.