Early Learning


We broadly follow the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, with some adjustments to suit the needs of Sudanese children. This means we teach the following learning areas; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Communication and Language, Creative Design, Physical Development, Numeracy and Knowledge and Understanding of the World. In addition, the children learn Islamic Studies and Arabic. Every year we increase the responsibilities at school for the children so they learn independence.

For pre-school children, parents are given weekly feedback about their child's progress. Parent-teacher meetings will be held twice a year. Any other meetings between parents and teachers must be arranged through the office, not with the teachers directly, and can only be scheduled during working hours.

Our system will immerse them in English in their first two years with us (Nursery and Pre-Reception). They learn to read using the Jolly Phonics system in Pre-Reception class. In their third year, Arabic is introduced as a separate subject in Reception class, also using a phonics system devised by the school. Islamic Studies is taught from Nursery, including stories, Qur’anic memorization and the Islamic way of life. This is taught from Nursery in Arabic language (fus’ha) not in dialect.

In our Playgroup class, the children are introduced to a school day routine, taught communication and social skills using stories, role plays and play. The children all nap with us, so have a slightly longer school day than the rest of the pre-school. We use the new Jolly English system in Playgroup, which has shown wonderful results for the children.